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At GE Additive, we have successfully traversed the path to metal additive production and are ready to share our experiences to help you fast track additive into your company. 

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No one knows your parts and your industry like you do.
No one knows metal additive like we do.
Together, let’s realize the potential of metal additive for your business. 

Introducing Amp™

GE Additive’s Amp software platform leverages our vast experience in metal additive and incorporates best practices and know-how directly into a software solution. Now, you can move toward industrialization with a repeatable, consistent and streamlined process—and transform your business.

Download the white paper to see how Amp can help you:

  • Decrease time and cost of part development
  • Increase ideal candidate parts for AM
  • Improve accessibility and collaboration on single builds
  • Increase part yield
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ROI starts with a business plan

No longer a newcomer to manufacturing, metal additive manufacturing (AM) is a growing technology that gives companies a competitive advantage and helps achieve a positive ROI. With lower barriers to entry than ever before, including reduced costs and an increasingly skilled workforce, more industries can adopt proven processes and begin to map out a plan for how additive can improve their business.

Create a comprehensive business case and move to production – faster – with the four steps outlined in the playbook Building the Business Case: Identifying Criteria to Measure ROI for Additive Manufacturing.

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WHITE PAPER: Reduce trial and error and pave a smoother, more cost-effective path to full metal additive production.

VIDEO: People who see challenges differently see the world differently. It's why we're building a smarter, healthier, cleaner world—now.

VIRTUAL TOUR: Walk through a 360° environment where you can explore our products and get industry information, white papers and customer stories.

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