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In Conversation with GEHC's Kieran Murphy & Helmut Zodl

Steve Winoker
November 30, 2021

As our Healthcare team unveils its latest product innovations at RSNA 2021, I'm excited to share my recent conversation with GE Healthcare’s management team: Kieran Murphy, President and CEO, and Helmut Zodl, CFO. Watch the video or read the transcript here

Our discussion covered quite a bit of content around strategic business developments, including the planned spin-off of the GE Healthcare business, the upcoming transition of the CEO role from Kieran to Pete Arduini, important product developments showcased at RSNA, and our view of the financial framework for the business today and in the future.

  • Planned spin-off of GE Healthcare (3:53)
  • CEO transition (5:48)
  • Strategic Priorities (11:29)
  • Innovation at RSNA (21:15)
  • Supply chain challenges (23:45)
  • Financial framework and outlook (27:25)
  • Investment in the future (30:45)

We’re excited to showcase over 60 products at RSNA this year, including:

  • Our Enterprise Imaging in the Cloud solution, taking the imaging IT solutions we deliver on-site and moving them to the cloud so customers can integrate intelligent workflow and leverage AI to speed up reading, reduce errors, and address fatigue.
  • Revolution™ Apex, a cutting-edge CT platform with unparalleled clinical capabilities, offering the industry’s fastest rotation time for better cardiac image acquisition.
  • In addition, we recently announced FDA 510(k) clearance for Critical Care Suite 2.0, the world’s first AI x-ray application to help clinicians assess Endotracheal Tube placements for ventilated patients, using a collection of AI algorithms embedded on a mobile x-ray device for automated measurements, case prioritization, and quality control.

These are just a few of the products that we expect to help drive revenue and margin expansion in ’22 and beyond.

For a deeper dive into the exciting products and technology being showcased at RSNA, click through to GE Healthcare’s innovation site here to learn more.

On a separate note, given the recent news of the Omicron coronavirus variant, it seems appropriate to mention that this is something we are watching closely across all our businesses. First and foremost, our concern is with keeping our teams across the globe safe.  And of course, as more is learned about the spread of this variant, we will be considering whether this impacts any of our business dynamics or outlooks.

For important information concerning our forward-looking statements, please click here.